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Pricing Your House Right Still Matters Today in the Irish Housing Market


The Irish housing market has witnessed significant fluctuations over the years. From boom to bust and back again, it remains a dynamic sector where property prices continue to command attention. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of pricing your house right in today's Irish housing market, backed by relevant data and sources.

1. The Current State of the Irish Housing Market:

Before diving into the significance of proper pricing, let's take a brief look at the current state of the Irish housing market. As of the first half of 2023, the market has seen a steady recovery after facing challenges during the pandemic period. According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the average residential property price in Ireland has experienced a year-on-year increase of 6.8% since the start of 2023. This growth indicates a relatively healthy market, but it also emphasizes the importance of pricing your property accurately to maximize its potential.

2. The Impact of Overpricing:

In a market where prices are on the rise, it might be tempting for sellers to set a high asking price for their properties. However, overpricing can lead to several negative consequences. Potential buyers are becoming increasingly informed and empowered, and they often conduct thorough research before making any offers. When a property is overpriced, it is likely to sit on the market for an extended period, reducing its attractiveness and signaling to buyers that there may be issues with the property. This can result in fewer inquiries, fewer offers, and ultimately, a lower final sale price.

3. The Dangers of Underpricing:

While overpricing can be detrimental, underpricing your house is equally problematic. While it may attract a flurry of interest and possibly lead to a quick sale, you risk leaving money on the table and undervaluing your property. This is especially crucial in a market where property values are rising. Underpricing may also lead potential buyers to question whether there are hidden problems with the property, causing them to be wary of proceeding with the purchase.

4. The Importance of Proper Pricing:

Properly pricing your house is a delicate balance that requires careful consideration and analysis. Here are some tips to help you price your property right in the Irish housing market:

a) Research Comparable Sales: Study recent sales of similar properties in your area. Look at properties with comparable size, features, and condition to get a realistic idea of the current market value.

b) Consult with Local Estate Agents: Experienced estate agents are well-versed in the local market trends. Consult with a few agents to get their insights on the current demand and suitable pricing for your property.

c) Analyze Market Conditions: Keep a close eye on market conditions, economic indicators, and housing supply. An understanding of these factors will help you set a competitive price that attracts potential buyers.

d) Consider Seasonal Trends: The housing market can experience seasonal fluctuations. Take into account any seasonal trends that may impact demand and pricing in your area.


In conclusion, pricing your house right is as crucial today in the Irish housing market as it has ever been. Both overpricing and underpricing can have adverse effects on your ability to sell your property efficiently and for its true value. Proper pricing requires thorough research, consultation with experts, and a good understanding of market conditions. By setting a competitive and accurate price, you increase your chances of attracting potential buyers and achieving a successful sale in the dynamic Irish housing market. Contact us for more advice on 016295060

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